Sedulr, an online booking system for companies of all types

A variety of features to help you prepare, manage your appointments more efficiently and adapt the system to meet your needs.

  • Add staff and assign them to one or more services
  • Create schedule windows for departments and staff
  • Add an event or any type of services offered by your entreprise
  • Add a branch and assign related services.
  • Possibility of confirming the appointment or not.
  • Possibility to cancel or modify an appointment
  • Statistics of the appointments held and not held
  • Archive all your customers and their transactions

Appointment scheduling software beyond your expectations

Your customers will never have been so satisfied. It has become easier and more pleasant to make an appointment.

Discover how innovative Sedulr is

Sedulr offers a variety of features to make it easier and faster to make appointments

Employee management
Explore a complete archive of all your employees to showcase their activities and compare their performance
Service Management
Analyze the evolution of the attendance and profitability of your services in order to make the right decisions for the future of your company.
Branch Management
Analyze the evolution of the attendance and profitability of your branches in order to make the right decisions for the future of your company.
Automatic confirmation message
Automatic sending of SMS / email notifications: confirmation of the appointment, modification or cancellation of appointments.
Automatic reminder message
SMS / Email Reminder Appointment, Eve or Appointment Day with Custom Details
Recurring appointments
No need to repeat the process, whatever the rehearsal period one click is enough for all your appointments
Set schedules by department
Create schedules for each service to allow customers to book
Set schedules by Branch
Create time slots to signify the opening hours of your branches
Appointment statistics
Attendance statistics: appointments assisted or no
Management of administrative tasks
Schedule an administrative task as an appointment and receive reminders with details to prepare you
Sending reports of your activities by email
Business Dashboard: Analysis of Revenue and Overall Profitability
Categorization of services
Group services by type to assign an employee with the capabilities to serve these services
Appointment management
Create, edit, cancel, comment on an appointment and automatically notify customers
he Sedulr customer and administrator interfaces are available in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Portuguese.
Assigning an employee to a department
Schedule by employee: assignment of service, management of absences, pause and scheduling of appointments
Assigning a Service to a Branch
Associate a service with one or more branches

Easy to handle by your customers


01 To log in

At their first connection they will be asked for some information but especially a valid phone number and e-mail.

02 Choose a service

They will only have to choose one of the services from the list of services that you have defined

03 Choose date and time

They will have to choose the date of the appointment. Then we will list the available hours for the chosen service.

04 Choose a branch

Finally, if you have several branches, they will be asked to choose one to finalize the making of appointments.