Sedulr, an online booking system for companies of all types

A variety of features to help you prepare, manage your appointments more efficiently and adapt the system to meet your needs.

  • Add staff and assign them to one or more services
  • Create schedule windows for departments and staff
  • Add an event or any type of services offered by your entreprise
  • Add a branch and assign related services.
  • Possibility of confirming the appointment or not.
  • Possibility to cancel or modify an appointment
  • Statistics of the appointments held and not held
  • Archive all your customers and their transactions

Appointment scheduling software beyond your expectations

Your customers will never have been so satisfied. It has become easier and more pleasant to make an appointment.

Do you need appointment-scheduling software in Canada? It's all covered by Sedulr! Canadian businesses and organizations can meet their unique requirements with our state-of-the-art online booking system. With us, you can schedule appointments, book school classes, and corporate book meetings online.

Appointment Scheduling Software may be a device that can empower businesses to oversee their arrangements, meetings, and bookings. Appointment booking computer program allows employees and clients to book, cancel, and reschedule performances through online entrances, see and synchronize calendars, print their plans, and handle progress instalments for administrations given.

Experts in different businesses, from neighbourliness to managing an account, utilize appointment booking software to affirm or deny appointments based on real-time accessibility information immediately. These incorporate wellness and healthcare experts, salon and magnificence specialists, therapeutic professionals, domain specialists, restaurateurs, monetary counsels, and field benefit suppliers.

Appointment software can assist businesses in drawing in and holding their clients by advertising a round-the-clock booking handle that may move client involvement forward. Online planning programs can decrease the workload of receptionists, associates and specialists, and empower front-office staff to serve more clients, boosting income.

• Easy and Efficient Appointment Scheduling

We provide an easy and efficient online appointment scheduling tool. With Sedulr, clients can book appointments online, and you can manage your work easily. With our system, you won't need to follow up with your clients manually.

• Efficient Management of Facility and Branch Schedules

Besides facility scheduling tools, Sedulr offers branch scheduling software for managing schedules across multiple branches. Our employee scheduling software lets you easily manage your staff's programs.

• Seamless Occasion Booking and Online Reservation Systems

Our event booking devices and online reservation systems are idealizing for schools, enterprises, and other organizations that got to oversee occasions or reservations. With Sedulr, you'll make custom occasion pages, permit participants to book tickets online, and track your participation and income in genuine time.

• Customizable and User-Friendly Platform

Sedulr offers a user-friendly stage that can be customized to meet your particular needs. Our corporate booking framework is idealizing for huge organizations that require a capable, all-in-one arrangement. With Sedulr, you'll be able streamline your appointment planning tools and booking system software in Canada.

• Get Started with Sedulr Today

If you're ready to take your arrangement planning and booking framework to another level, contact Sedulr today. Our team is here to reply to any questions and assist you in getting started with our appointment scheduling software, online booking software, and other practical devices. It does not matter whether your company is small, medium, or large; we can help you with any of these.

Why Sedulr!

• Flexibility

Our software’s broad usefulness and adaptability serve basic and complex use cases in any industry or commerce measure. Ready to extend service through API or create custom solutions for extraordinary necessities beyond our standard highlights?

• Personalisation

Tailor the client booking travel to fit your trade demonstration. From minor to huge endeavours, alter the areas in your booking frame, tweak your booking gadget and fine-tune communications to meet your needs. Include corporate logos and branding effortlessly, or make a total white-label arrangement.

• Scalability

Scale up the capability of Sedulr as your needs develop. Include our capable information bits of knowledge apparatus, with controls to alter your nearby and worldwide benefit set-up on the fly or use a broad run of capacities to oversee groups, administrations, assets and innovation over different areas and in different dialects.

Technology does not wait anymore. Join us to become more competitive

a state-of-the-art scheduling platform that allows businesses to save time and simplify the appointment process.


It is a very big world in which we live, for that we propose the interfaces client and administrator in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German

In the clouds, as a service

With SEDULR you have nothing to install, no hardware to buy or maintain. We work to make your life easier and reduce your operating costs

Security and Reliability

The security of the data is twofold, it is first secured so that unauthorized personnel can not access the site. In addition All passwords and all communications are encrypted






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